About Our Instructor, David Bradley

Sitting in a car with a young, inexperienced driver behind the wheel may make some people a little nervous. Dave Bradley is not one of those people--he is a driver education instructor.

Dave worked for the Carlsbad Municipal School District teaching driver education for seven years before opening Bradley School of Driving in 1996. He did this to ensure his own teenage sons who were active in extra curricular activities got their drivers license without hardships because of the program.

Bradley has sat on the passenger side of the vehicle gently reassuring the young driver making sure all traffic rules are observed and both the driver and the public are kept out of harms way. Dave said his interest in becoming a driver education teacher stems back from college days when he took traffic safety courses. After graduating from college, he became a certified teacher and instructor.

He said 99% of the teenagers he teaches to drive know how to accelerate, brake, and steer, but they do not know how to use their eyes. "I teach the kids the importance of using their eyes, most of the time kids are able to concentrate on one thing at a time. If they are doing math in class, that is what they focus on. The same is true in whatever else they do."

"I tell them driving is different; they have to concentrate on four to six things at one time when they are behind the wheel." Although bookwork is essential to learn the rules of the road, Bradley believes the old adage, practice makes perfect, also applies to driving. "You can read everything there is to know about driving in a book, but you have to get out there and drive to get the experience."

Defensive Driving has also been taught by Dave here in Carlsbad for over twenty years for court referrals, driving state and government vehicles, and insurance discounts.

After retirement from teaching school, Mr. Bradley decided to open Bradley School of Driving to meet the demand for driver education in Carlsbad. The business opened in May 2011, which includes the classroom education and behind the wheel training. More recently, he has expanded his services and is able to provide knowledge-based and behind the wheel testing as well.

Bradley School of Driving
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